I’m writing this post and listening to “Dorchester Hotel” by The Sounds, this song makes me want to shoot outside, that bass and melody just sound amazing.

So how the hell did I find my favorite lens? I’ve been shooting for quite a while now, my first photography class was in 6th grade and I failed the class because I did not want to follow the rules from the teacher, I just wanted to shoot on my own. Photography got serious in high school when I had the opportunity to use the photo lab and print my own black and white prints, my grandmother gave me a CANON A1 with a 50mm lens f1.8 lens so I started shooting portraits with it, loving that bokeh and having only my subject on focus made me feel like I was getting somewhere. The only downside was that I’ve always been a very shy person and anxious, so talking to people and making new connections or friends was and is very difficult.

I went to photography school, and all through school I used that Canon A1 with the 50 mm lens, but through school they made us learn digital so my first camera was a cheap Canon EOS Xti with the 18-55mm lens which it was fine at the time, as I started to know I wanted to shoot portrait and graduated school I purchased the 50mm f1.8 lens (Yeah, that cheap plastic one for $100) I loved it and that was the only thing I used but as I said before, I am a shy person and very anxious so then I decided to shoot people from the streets wearing cool outfits, but I was nervous to go and ask for a picture, so that’s when I discovered the 85mm f1.8 lens; with that lens I did not have to ask for permission and I could shoot from a long distance and still have the background blurred with only my subject on focus.

Many of my photo gigs are to shoot people wearing cool outfits, so that is pretty easy for me and the 85 mm lens is great for this, I get hired to shoot skaters and BMX competitions and I would still shoot with that lens and some others, but my 85mm is great. Of course I want the expensive 85mm f1.2 but for now, the f 1.8 is working very good.

Here are some pictures I have taken with that lens, let me know if you have any questions and please comment if you found this blog helpful.

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